FMenu 3.1

Menu bar Facebook notifications

With FMenu you can stay connected to Facebook via your Mac's menu bar. View full description


  • Discreet and simple
  • Quick access to Facebook
  • Custom notifications
  • Checks every 30 seconds


  • If Mac is asleep you'll receive a lot of notifications
  • If friend removed while using FMenu, shows his profile as changed
  • Unstable in Leopard

Very good

With FMenu you can stay connected to Facebook via your Mac's menu bar.

FMenu works as a drop down menu, which reveals all the latest notifications from your Facebook account. These can be updates, statuses, notes, groups, wall posts, friend requests or photos. You decide which ones you wish to be notified about. FMenu is very quick and will scan Facebook more or less every 35 seconds. You should also make sure that you have Growl installed so you can receive timely pop-up notifications.

While FMenu is very stable under Tiger, many Leopard users have complained that the application crashes regularly in Apple's new OS. Let's hope developers will soon release a more stable version. FMenu also suffers from two little glitches. If your Mac goes to sleep and FMenu is on, it'll flood you with notifications as soon as you turn your Mac back on. Then again that's just the application doing its job. Also, if you remove a friend in Facebook and FMenu is working, it will notify you that his profile is changed instead of removed.

Despite these two little issues, FMenu is a great little tool to receive to-the-minute notifications from Facebook from your menu bar. Let's just hope a stable Leopard version is released soon.


  • Snow Leopard support and 64-bit binary
  • Better connection handling and stability on 10.5 and above
  • Cleanup of menu items and actions to reflect current Facebook site design
  • Resolves crashes on startup
  • Note that alerts for "New photo comments" are no longer available as Facebook has stopped providing this functionality

FMenu is a program for Mac OS X and Facebook that sits in the menu bar (near the clock) and provides notifications about various events. In addition, it provides a menu to easily access common Facebook pages and keeps a count of your messages, pokes, events, friend requests, wall posts, and photo comments. It also features a "Quicklaunch" box which gives you immediate access to your friends' profiles (just start typing a friend's name and it will autocomplete – press enter and go to that friend's profile) and Facebook searches (type a phrase and press enter). Notifications are issued using Growl and can be customized to the user's liking (including turning on/off and customizing display style). They are:

  • A friend updated his profile
  • A friend changed his status
  • A friend wrote a new note
  • Someone wrote on your wall
  • You have new messages
  • You have new pokes
  • You have new friend requests
  • You have new photo comments

FMenu checks for updates by default every 5 seconds (or at whatever interval you set), but checks for each kind of notification (friend details, friend requests, wall, photo comments, messages, pokes, events) separately. Consequently each particular type of notification is refreshed once every 35 seconds.



FMenu 3.1

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